A Just For Kids Program

The Connecting Through Kindness Program strives to build cross-cultural connections in our community through the universal theme of service to others. Families with children of all ages will make memories by bringing an awareness to the needs of others in our community. Our hope is that having children feel connected to and part of their community will help them to be kind, empathetic, global citizens.

Teen Volunteers


Preparing the Children of Minnesota

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that the children of MN are better prepared to manage any unique situations they find themselves in as they grow into adulthood.

Our Spring 2020 Community Services Event will include several hands-on service activities (blanket tying, sandwich making for the homeless, birthday in a bag for the Children’s hospital, fleece dog toys etc.), as well as donation stations. 

During the event there will be ways to reflect on the projects, and opportunities to make connections with other families.